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The Best Most Terrible Race

Each summer, a handful of plucky sailors square off in one of the world's most unsung regattas -- a marathon contest across Great Slave and back. The lake usually wins.  Story and photos by Katharine Sandiford. A wave crashes over the nose of the sailboat and gives me a thorough ice-water soaking, rendering the hand-held wind meter useless. The last reading was 32 knots. But it’s too late to do anything. We’re well into the storm and the wind’s too strong to reduce sail – something we should have done as we approached the ominous thundercloud half an hour ago...  - Read More

LOOKING BACK: How the Trumps struck Klondike gold

Long before 'the Donald,' his stampeder grandpa's seedy restaurant gave birth to a glittering dynasty.  By Eva Holland. There’s not much left of Bennett Town today: just the old wooden church high up above the blue water of Lake Bennett and the empty mountains and sky all around. In summer, the White Pass and Yukon Route train, its engine painted bright green and yellow, still chugs through the space where the tent city used to be. In winter, the whole area is quiet, layered in snow. The abandoned townsite is more than 4,600 kilometres by road from Chicago’s Trump Tower..  - Read More

LOOKING BACK: The crash, the Inuit and the bomb

When a top-secret U.S. jet went down near Nunavut, it left a mystery: Is there a nuke beneath the ice? By Nathan VanderKlippe. There was nothing unusual about the cold or dark on the afternoon of January 21, 1968. It was the mid-winter at the U.S. Thule Air Force Base in northern Greenland, where the sun disappears from October until February, locking the place in a long, bitter midnight. What was unusual was the aircraft in the sky, a B-52 flying 35,000 feet above the glaciers and sea ice, its presence an international secret, its belly laden with nuclear bombs;..  - Read More

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