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Northerners of the Year 1986 - 2018

by Uphere Store$5.00
Musicians, authors, community activists, politicians, dynasties are just some of the 32 worthy Northerners profiled in this little volume drawn from the pages of Up Here magazine.

Christmas in the Big Igloo

by Uphere Store$8.00

Kenn Harper, ed. – Hardcover.

Remembrance of Christmases past. These are stories for all from the days when ice sealed ships in the Arctic and cell phones didn't exist. Join in the simple joys and merriment of marooned explorers.  A holiday treat for the whole family. 


McDougall's Bash

by Uphere Store $10.00$8.00

Author  Erik Watt – Softcover, illustrated.

Musings on 40 years spent travelling the North, hilarious, wry, and sometimes full of terror. On foot, in iglus and in the air, this former newsman recorded memorable tales of the people and adventures he met along the years. A moving tribute to days and lifestyles now long gone.

Living Explorers of the Canadian Arctic

by Uphere Store$8.00

Milligan & Kupsch

The men and women who explored Canada’s Arctic recall the spirit of adventure that urged them to uncover the secrets of the North. These first-hand accounts of scientific and geographical exploration are a fine introduction to today’s North.

Voices From The Eastern Arctic

by Uphere Store$8.00

Jane Anne Shapiro, ed.

In English, French and Inuktitut, this book offers the experiences and observations of young people attending Iqaluit’s Gordon Robertson Education Centre in the mid-1980s. The students share their perceptions and talk about what it means to live in the Arctic.

Rebels, Rascals and Royalty

by Uphere Store$10.00

Barbara Hunt, ed.

The North was a different place just a few short years ago. Former Hudson’s Bay factor, airline base manager, broadcaster, justice of the peace and diplomatic escort, L.A.C.O. Hunt was an all-round Northerner of the old school.


The Kazan

by Uphere Store $23.00$13.00

David F. Pelly/Christopher C. Hanks – Softcover.

Part river journey, part natural history, and part archaeology, The Kazan tells the story of an expedition on one of the greatest of Arctic rivers. A group of young people from around the world vividly describe their adventures and their discoveries on the Canadian Barrenlands. 

Great Bear, A Journey Remembered

by Uphere Store$15.00

Frederick B. Watt – Softcover, illustrated.

A true story of a search for riches and struggle for survival on the shores of Great Bear Lake. As a young writer in the “Dirty 30s”, Watt tried his hand at claim staking, and met fate head on in the Northern wilderness. A Canadian classic.

Guts and Glory

by Uphere Store$15.00

Sally Manning – Softcover.

This book brings to life the amazing saga of Canada’s cross-country skiing pioneers—the talented young Aboriginal racers from Inuvik, Northwest Territories who skied to international glory in the late 1960s and 1970s. The Firth sisters, celebrated on Canadian stamps, are featured. 

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